The SatPaq is the world's most compact, easy-to-use, and secure satellite communicator.

Higher Ground believes in hardware that propels innovation. Our primary mission is to connect anyone, anywhere. We ensure that communication is available, secure, and confidential.

Our Origins

Higher Ground’s concept and core vision emerged in 2012. In the last decade we have grown a sturdy foundation that includes an inspired and inspiring engineer team, innovative hardware, software, and patents, and a drive to build the most effective total product imaginable.


Vision to Reality

We have always aimed high. We began as a consumer product for outdoor enthusiasts and over time have developed into a trustworthy, reliable business that smoothes communication around the world. We pride ourselves on our dependability, and the networks we've built. We continue expanding upward and outward, fulfilling an important role in diverse industries.

“Change-the-world advances hardly ever come from large companies. They come out of start-ups like Higher Ground.”
Rob Reis, Higher Ground CEO

Where are we headed?

We’re always inventing. You can see what’s in the test lab by clicking through to our products below. Satellite connection unlocks the potential of drone flight, robotic tractors, and stellar communication.