The SatPaq is the world's most compact, easy-to-use, and secure satellite communicator.

Higher Ground believes in hardware that enables us to engineer new technologies and propel innovation, connectivity that connects anyone anywhere, security that keeps information confidential, and utility that makes tough situations easier to navigate.

Our Origins

HG’s initial concept and core vision arose in 2012, and we’ve built on that sturdy foundation ever since. Inventing new hardware (with a list of patents to prove it), our engineering team assembled over years of gathering the right people inspired to do great work.


Vision to Reality

From the start, we always aimed high. What began as an idea became a consumer product for outdoor enthusiasts. Now we pride ourselves on winning several government contracts, and we’re always expanding toward new exciting industries.


Our team,
our values

Imagine it,
make it

We value the inventiveness required to unlock a better future. Let the imagination roam free, build it, and tinker to your heart’s desire.


We know solving big problems takes strong teamwork, and we believe in making work unifying, enjoyable, and not boring.

Always pushing

We attempt what others deem impossible — using creative cunning to tackle engineering challenges that have confounded others for decades.

cool s**t

In a world where products are born and die in a blink of an eye, we value building products that are dependable, durable, and damn fun to use.

“Change-the-world advances hardly ever come from large companies. They come out of start-ups like Higher Ground.”
Rob Reis, Higher Ground CEO

Where are we headed?

We’re always inventing. You can see what’s in the test lab by clicking through to our products below. Satellite connection unlocks the potential of drone flight, robotic tractors, and stellar communication.